Reflective Inquiry on Professionals’ Views on Parents and About Parenting

Ching Man Lam*
Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

© 2015 Ching Man Lam

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Although there are studies on attitudes and beliefs of parents in childrearing, there is a notable lack of studies on professionals’ attitudes and beliefs about parents and about parenting. This study examines both professionals’ views of parents and their attitudes and beliefs about parenting, and compares these attitudes and beliefs among different types of professionals. The results indicate that professionals involved in parent education hold a moderately negative view of parents despite being quite sympathetic to the stress experienced by parents. Findings also reveal an undue concern with parenting knowledge and skills. Differences between teachers and social workers were found in perceived stress of parents and perceived role of government. These findings provide an impetus to professionals, and to society at large, to reflect on the values and attitudes they have towards parents and the family.

Keywords: Reflection, parenting, parental beliefs, parent education, professional views.